Graduation, Christmas, Coaching, and a CRM Schedule

Well, I can say, finally, that I have successfully graduated with my MA in Anthropology from the University of Alabama! I should be getting my copy of my diploma and the several copies of my thesis we ordered in the mail soon – which is super exciting! I was also able to present my thesis as a paper (very abbreviated) at SEAC, which helped with some good networking. I’m going to SHA next week – so if you’re there say hi! – with my mom, and I’m hoping to do some more networking and to meet some professors I’d be interested in working with for a PhD in the future. For now, I’m enjoying being out of school and being able to focus on my own stuff, spending time with Marc and the pups, and reading whatever I want to without feeling guilty haha.


We spent Christmas at home in VA – Marc got to meet almost everyone in my family! We were also able to check out this store called the Abingdon Olive Oil Company, which was really fun. When you go in, you get a tour and you can taste as many of the olive oils and balsamic vinegars that you want. The prices were also really reasonable, so we’re excited to use our infused olive oil and vinegar pairing to stay a little healthier this year! We went to my parent’s antique store in Marion, VA, and were able to visit my grandparents, eat lunch at the Wooden Pickle (because who doesn’t love saying they ate at the Wooden Pickle?!), and to get dinner with my younger sister and her boyfriend. We went with my parents and best friend Zach to see Rogue One – if you haven’t seen it yet, what the hell are you doing???? GOOOOOO SEEEEEEEE IT! All in all, it was a great trip home. We, and definitely the pups, are happy to be back in HSV though – it’s nice to be in our own place and to have the fenced yard for them :).


Coaching is going pretty steady still. I’m setting a personal goal for myself to bring my business to the next level this year. I want to sign up at least 3 coaches, and help at least 2 new customers per month. Beachbody also has one of the best deals I’ve ever seen going on right now – the All Access BOD Challenge Pack! I’m definitely upgrading my BOD to All Access with my next paycheck, and I’m really excited to talk to my customers about it and hopefully help them to start their fitness journeys with this pack. The Health Bet is also back January 9 – I’m really excited for it because it is basically getting free money for things that I am already doing every day – drinking my shakeology, working out, and taking pictures. If you’d like to know more, check out my facebook page or my Beachbody coaching page for all our current Challenge Pack specials!


My updates have been few and far between this year. I have a crazy schedule at work, CRM really never stops – which is great for job security but a bit shitty for having time to relax and write. I’m making a goal for this next year that I’ll post at least once per week – ideally more than that, but I’m starting off slow and building up. So expect more very soon!


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