Conferences, Work, and Editing

It’s been quite a busy few weeks! I officially have my own office at work now! We just moved to a new building this week, with a much larger lab space (and space in general).

I’ve also registered for my first official conference paper presentation. I’m hoping to be able to whittle my 104-page thesis down to 10 for the student paper competition as well, so if you’re heading to SEAC in Athens this year, look for my talk on moonshine! I’ll also be attending Ethnohistory in Nashville, and hopefully SHA in January, just won’t be presenting this go.

I’ve submitted what are (hopefully) my last edits for my thesis, and graduation has been applied for so things are getting real! I’m enjoying the free time I have to play some games and catch up on my reading. I’m also working hard to get my beachbody business really working for me. All in all, things are good. I’m planning several more posts – hopefully going to an awesome historic cemetery just down the road tomorrow morning, so look for a post and lots of pics from that soon to come on my instagram and here! Follow me on instagram @cmed363



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