Officially an Archaeologist!

Before you freak out – yes I am still in grad school haha. Thanks to my amazing professor and friend Duke, I lined up a job with a CRM firm out of Huntsville! They wanted me to be able to jump on board and get started right away – so I am working for spring break!

I’m in Tupelo, Mississippi to work on a large phase I survey – and I am so psyched! We start bright and early tomorrow morning – as all good archaeology projects should – and I can’t wait to meet everyone and get involved. So far, I’ve been reading the articles they sent us and exploring town a bit to find some good food – ate at the mall food court today and have a bbq place in mind for tomorrow, depending on what time we get back. If not, there are several places pretty close so I’m sure I’ll find somewhere good.

What are my pups doing while I’m away? They are being puppy-sat by my amazing friends Chuck and Liz 😀 (Don’t worry, the humans will be getting presents when I get back). They’re staying at the apartment, along with their little pup Pepper, all week so I didn’t have to board the pups – which is amazing because boarding all three would potentially cost my entire paycheck for this week (It is EXPENSIVE in T-Town). I’ll be watching Pepper and walking/feeding their roommate’s dogs the weekend I get back – it’s so nice to be in a place with such a great group of friends! We help each other out and it’s amazing. I love my support group :D.

Welp, tomorrow is coming earllyyyyyyy, and I have already done my workout for the day, so I’m about to finish up the last of these articles and hit the hey. There will be as many posts as I can work up this week to keep y’all updated! So psyched for my first real job as an archaeologist! Goodnight.


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