Back from Hiatus

Well, unintentional hiatus. Grad school keeps you busy :p

So, what have I been up to lately? Finishing drafts for the first two chapters of my thesis, finished the first draft of a book chapter I’m a co-author on, finding an ever increasing amount of sources for said thesis, came up with a proposal for my CRM class, grading quizzes/coming up with quiz and exam questions for the class I’m a GTA for, working my way through the endings of Fallout 4, and just starting Farcry Primal…. oh! and now coming up with survey questions for some more tattoo research focusing on the military. And waiting to hear back on job applications and one more PhD application.

Also, coaching, working out, loving the new cafe latte shakes, taking care of my three crazy pups, and trying to grow my team and my business!  I recently shared some progress photos on fb and instagram, and I’m excited to say that since I started coaching with Beachbody in June, I’ve lost about 35 pounds! I’m excited to continue coaching and working on my own health and fitness.

This week, I was also able to start volunteering with the department’s Anthropology is Elementary program! It’s also a class – for both undergrad and grad students – but we added a second school so they needed some volunteers. Once a week, we go to one of the city elementary schools and teach kids about Anthropology as part of a partnership program! This semester we’re teaching the kids about the anthropology of West Africa – they learn about all four subfields while learning about the cultures in a specific region. They’re most excited about eating bugs, near the end haha. Today we taught them about ethnography – the class is separated into “clan” groups, where they have to create a mythic ancestor, a clan dance, pick a leader, and something they wear. Then each group sends one “ethnographer” to the other clans to learn about them and report back. It worked out pretty well, and our major point to get across to them today was that even though their clan cultures were very different, all of them were equally important (none were better than the others). I’m really excited about this program, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the semester goes :D.

Other than that, it’s just the usual school, GTA, thesis, and coaching schedule here. I’ve got a few posts in the works about some political stuff and just grad student/job hunt stuff that I’ll be posting soon!


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