End of Semester Wrap-Up

Well, I have made it through my first year of grad school! So far I’ve made all A’s as well this semester! I’m just waiting for my last class to have a grade posted to know for sure, but I feel pretty confident that I’ll have a 4.0 semester. It’s definitely been an interesting semester – and extremely busy, so here’s a few things to wrap up the semester and get back on track with posting more regularly!

Things that happened this semester:

Well, Chuck went home with me over Christmas Break to meet my family, and I got back down here to Tuscaloosa the day after Christmas to work on a few things. In January we got Buttercup. We didn’t really do anything for Spring Break, mainly just relaxed and spent time together when he wasn’t working. Comps went alright – unfortunately I didn’t pass the Physical Anth one, and will have to retake it in August. I’ve come up with a study plan for this summer though, and my professors are working with me to make sure I’m over-prepared and pass in August. The semester ended with a GIS presentation that went really well and an exam I had to proctor at 8am on Friday.

Now that I’m officially on Summer Break, I’ve just been relaxing, hanging out with the pups, and studying/reading for fun. This week my main focuses are cleaning up and organizing the whole apartment – it may take more than a week, haha, who knows? And, I decided to go through PiYo again, and I’m eating a Shakeology shake every other day. So, hopefully getting everything back on track for finishing up my Master’s Degree next year!


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