Research Updates

Well, I am happy to report that I have officially found my first still!! It most likely dates to the 1970’s, but it miraculously has a lot of the copper pipe still with it, so I’m hoping that I may be able to do something with it soon! I’m also making contact with several archaeologists that work with the National Park Service and OAR here at UA to see if I can either get survey information or perhaps even a collection together. I’ve also been in contact with a former moonshiner in this area that I’ll be meeting with later this week – so things are moving along quickly!!

In terms of thesis updates, I’m starting the first draft of my prospectus this week!! I’m going to be looking at the cultural evolution of moonshine and how that manifests in the material culture. So excited! I’m aiming to have it all done by Friday – but if that doesn’t happen I will at least have the first two sections done to share with my writing group and get feed back on it. I still need an outside member for my committee and to get the paperwork signed, but I think I’ll be able to defend in April at the latest.

For my other projects, I am still working on the tattoo article for Ethnohistory. I’ve found several really interesting articles about the roles women played in the tattoo process for many Southeastern tribes, so I’m going to try and incorporate that within the cultural convergence model and see if there’s any way to find out how those roles may have been affected. I’m planning to have a working draft of that done during Spring Break, while also studying for comps… busy, busy months still ahead in this semester!

That’s all the updates I really have on the research side of things, but I thought I’d leave you with a photo update from my non-academic life. Little Princess Buttercup is doing very well, she’ll be three months old at the end of this week! So, here is a recent photo of her for your enjoyment :). I will have more detailed updates soon!!

Buttercup sitting on Jackson. If you look closely Sammy is in the background too!

Buttercup sitting on Jackson. If you look closely Sammy is in the background too!


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