The Long and the Short of It

So, the title is a (potentially terrible) pun, but y’all will see why soon!

Dear internet, meet Jackson! He’s a 6 mo. old basset hound/lab mix that I adopted from the shelter two weeks ago!!! I know, things have been very busy and I still suck at updating – but I’m working on it, still hahaha.

1229879_10153158298859692_2189948062105029571_n1653348_10152393600631938_7834057299526791750_n He and Sammy are getting along really well, and I think he’s going to be a great addition to the family! He looks very much like a lab in the pics, but he’s not much taller than sammy, and they’re both very long – hence the title of the post! See, I warned you that it was potentially terrible. His first ever park visit is to the left, and he and Sammy just hanging out is on the right.

Well, for a few more updates, things here have been moving along, and staying very busy. I volunteered at the Mounville Native American Festival this weekend, and it was really cool! I was in the Children’s Area making necklaces all day yesterday, which was very busy but still fun. I’ve finally settled into my new office hours schedule, and I’ve just been focusing on getting a lot of work done as fast as I can so I have plenty of time to hang out with the dogs. Newsletter work has been going pretty well, my first article for it was published (find it on the Anth Dept. blog), I’ve got two in draft stage for Dr. Lynn to edit, and I have two outlined to post this week! Yes, I do realize the irony that I post more there and more regularly than I do on my own blog, BUT I am being paid to help with it, so… I have deadlines to stick with there :p.

Data collection for my methods project has officially started! And I have my first midterm of grad school on Thursday… eek! Haha. Other than that, my second ethnohistory paper is coming up soon, started research for my physical anth paper, I’m helping with an ethnohistory article about tattoos, and TAing has been pretty fun lately. We’ve moved on to the archaeology section, so it’s great for me :p haha.

Homecoming is this coming weekend!!!! I can’t wait to go back to the Burg and see everyone again!!!

Well, I think that’s all the updates I have. I’ve been using this post as my study break, so I’ve gotta get back to it. 🙂


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