One Week Until Grad School Officially Starts!

First off, yes, I’m aware I have A LOT of catching up to do – expect more posts this weekend with pics and details from England and my new apartment. I moved down on the 8th, and have been going unpacking crazy ever since!

Now, onto current updates, and I will hopefully be able to take care of catching up on posting later this weekend. Today was my first TA meeting! There are 4 TAs for ANT 100, and I got my assignment for the discussion section and the textbook for the class. I’m SO nervous about teaching – like, I am that one kid that never talks in class because I hate it so much. But, the discussions and labs seem pretty fun, and I think I’ll be fine as long as I keep thinking of it like Formal Recruitment – thankfully sorority life DEFINITELY taught me how to facilitate discussions hahaha.

I also got the syllabus for one of my classes, so my clipboards have been put to use! I also got a really great Date List idea from here that I have been using for each of my classes and real life dates, so I’m hoping to stay super organized as well. I was able to do some errands and a little exploring today, and discovered it takes about 20 minutes to walk across campus… not a fun walk, but I am at least learning my way around. I also made it to ULTA, Super Target (been there three times now! haha), and Publix. Publix is CRAZY expensive here, so I’m thinking I’ll be doing most of my shopping at Target.

Things to look forward to: Updates about England and my move, reopening my etsy shop, and hopefully more current updates about training and orientation! Thanks for reading! I will have more updates soon!


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