About 3/4 of the Way Moved In!

Well, it’s been insanely busy here lately. Just got back about 12:30 last night from moving most of my things into my new apartment in Tuscaloosa!! I would have taken pics, but we mainly just put stuff in the rooms it’s supposed to go in, built my couch and bed, and then left haha. My dining room table has bags and small items piled up on top of it, and the kitchen is a sea of boxes – but I LOVE THE PLACE! There’s so much space and the office staff are SO nice, I think it’s going to be a wonderful complex.

We’re also getting ready for a family friend’s wedding this weekend, a going away brunch, and FOB concert/Going to England next week!!!! I’m really excited for all of it, even if it is a 10 hour flight, hahaha!

Sammy got his first BarkBox! He hasn’t let the monkey butt toy out of his sight yet, and last night he wanted to eat the plastic to get to his dried banana treats. The freeze dried beef treats were also a big hit, but he loves any kind of banana already so I think those are his favorite.

It’s also haircut day – finally! I desperately need my hair trimmed, re-layered, and thinned. Especially before I move down on the 8th, because I haven’t found places to do my usual errands and things there yet. I did get to do some exploring there though, so I’ll know my way around a bit before I get there and have to go searching for places.

That’s all my updates for now! Things are getting super busy, but I’ll keep trying to find time for more updates – especially in England! 😀


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