DIY Projects!

I’ve been doing a ton of DIY projects lately – some of which with the help of supplies from Darby Smart. A lot of them have been for my new apartment: frames, bulletin boards, painting my table and chairs, making my tv stand, and things like that. I’ve also started doing some to sell at the antique shop (we have some local craft items, so I count! haha) to help save up some more money. So, here are a few pics of the potholders and candles I’ve been making!

I’ll have more photos and complete project updates once I get started on the tv stand and everything, but I’ll take some more pics of the small frames and things I’m making in the next few days! Things here are moving pretty fast – which is good! – so I’ve had less time to update, but I’m working on it!

In terms of grad school updates, today I ordered some of my textbooks – not all my classes have them listed – talked to someone from my cohort and found out she’s in the apartment complex next to mine and we have the same classes, and signed up for a Milk Paint class tomorrow! I’ve also been keeping up with my Insanity challenge group, it’s still kicking my butt, but I keep working at it ;). Well, tomorrow is turning out to be a fairly busy day, so I’m gonna finish up this post, do some more work on my planner, and head to bed! Goodnight all!


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