All Packed!!

First off, hello new followers!!! It’s great to know there are people out there who actually want to follow this new phase in my life, as well as all of my adventures!

Now, on to business:


We’re leaving hopefully around 7am, but at any rate we should be on the road by 8, hahaha. Mom, Sammy, and I are all ready to head down, we’ve got appointments set up, and we’re planning to hit some of the more fun attractions and just see what all there is around. I’m really excited to actually get the apartment and start moving a few things down soon!

You guys have no idea how ridiculously excited I am about grad school….I have 3 pinboards dedicated to it, haha. I’ve also been obsessively checking the text book lists for my classes  and organizational blogs for new ideas for keeping things well organized for the next year. We’ll see how well that goes hahaha.

I’ve also started my Insanity challenge group!! Granted, it means that I’ve started over the program without getting through the second month the first time through, but I’ve got a group of people to help me stay on track and I’m really excited to see how I keep improving! My fit test today went well, and I’m bringing my DVD box with me to keep up with it during my trip.

Well, this has been a fairly short little post – but I’ve got one in the works to post in a few minutes (yay unpopular opinions haha), so hopefully I haven’t bored you too much!


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