T-Minus Two Days Before My Tuscaloosa Visit

Next Tuesday-Thursday my mom and I are going down to Tuscaloosa to sign my apartment lease and kind of explore more of the city. I visited it back in March during my Spring Break after I found out I’d gotten accepted, and I’ve been frantically searching apartment websites ever since, haha.

We decided on The Greens at Tuscaloosa (if anyone has any tips for living their please comment or send me an email!), because the location is great, they have a free shuttle to campus for days I don’t want to really drive all the way over there, the amenities are awesome, and the office staff were really really helpful with getting everything set up. We reserved an apartment – two bedrooms, one bath – and will be signing the lease Wednesday morning! I can’t wait – I have two pinterest boards devoted to new apartment planning, and I’ve been carefully picking out furniture that I need to save up for haha.

I also got some really great news earlier today. Yesterday I sent an email to the Phi Mu Tuscaloosa Alumnae Chapter to get information about joining, and what types of events they did. I got a great response this morning, and I’m looking forward to joining them in the fall!! Wednesday afternoon mom and I are meeting with one of the members and getting to tour the UA campus Phi Mu House – I can’t wait to see what another campus’s house looks like. I’ll also get to talk to her about being more involved and dues and everything, which will be really helpful for my budgeting and event planning stuff. I’m really glad I’m going to a campus that has a chapter as well, so that I can stay connected and help out collegiate members as well as have all the alum benefits too. AHhhhhh! So excited! 😀

And – more good news in the sorority department – MY LITTLE SISTER IS GOING TO RUSH AT JMU!!!! (Yes, we have a chapter there too and I filled out her legacy paperwork, it’s getting mailed Monday) I honestly don’t care which sorority she joins, as long as she joins one – granted, yes, I’d be thrilled if she chose Phi Mu like I did, but rush is more about finding the perfect fit, and so if that means it’s a different sorority than mine, that’s okay. BUT – It also means I get to get her set up as a “typical” sorority girl (kind of)! I got her a Lilly Pulitzer Koozie for her graduation present, and I’ve ordered her a Lilly Agenda as her going away to college present. I’ve had one all four years at WM and I’m OBSESSED with mine, so I’m hoping it’ll be really good for her as well – she has to write everything down to make sure she gets everything done and stays focused, so my goal was to go ahead and get her an awesome one before the move and classes starting so it’s one less thing for her to worry about. My mom is also taking us “back to school shopping” in celebration of us both going away to new schools this fall, so we’ll be able to get her some sundresses and the rush attire that she needs. 😀 And yes… I might have a stockpile of Phi Mu shirts and miscellaneous items to give her if she ends up pledging Phi Mu… If not, I’ll learn how to sew different letters to make her a shirt.

So many things are happening right now, but I’m really excited to see everything coming together for the move and the rest of my summer before starting a new chapter in a couple months!!


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