Summertime… And the Livin’ is Easy

For starters, if you’re unfamiliar with that song, you can see an awesome version here. I sang it with jazz choir in high school, and have loved it ever since. It’s also pretty fitting for my (lazy) summer at home.

First, I should start by stating that it is VERY hard for me to be lazy. My fellow TWAMPs know this all too well – with a work load like WM’s, there’s just not really much time to be lazy. I am also about to start grad school – where I’m fully expecting the work load to at least stay the same, if not get even worse. So, as much as it bothers me to just sit and not be productive, I’m forcing myself to do it – because, let’s face it, everyone needs a break. So, while I don’t have any pressing matters to attend to – no papers, no tests, no midterms or finals, nothing is due! – I am dedicating myself to taking it easy and enjoying my break – for the most part. Here is how I am spending my summer:

Part Time Cashier at an Antique Mall

My parents just opened up The Past Time Antique Emporium in Marion, VA last weekend! So, I’m working part time there to help them and my aunt (their business partner), and to save up money for the Big Move to Tuscaloosa – IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS WHATTT??? We’ve had a great first week so far, and I’m hoping that this Saturday will be just as big as our grand opening last weekend (If you’re in the area I’ll be there from 9-7 – come say hi!).

I also get to look at antique crocks, jugs, glassware, and other types of pottery to try and determine age and how it was made – yay archaeology classes! It’s not exactly like appraising, but with a lot of my worksheets from classes I have ways to determine what specific pieces are (or are imitating) and if they’re handmade or not. It’s actually pretty good practice for being in the field doing research all next summer – especially the jugs haha.


I may have overestimated my reading capabilities and time frame for the summer – but, can’t blame a girl for trying! If you’d like to keep up with all the books I’m reading this year, check out my pin board. I’m currently reading She Wolves by Helen Castor, and it’s great – yes, I am in a historical non-fiction kick, woot! There are currently stacks of books around my bedroom in anticipation of being finished before classes start August 20 – idk if it’ll happen, but if not, I’ve got a system for the “for fun” books I’ll be attempting during my first semester.

TV Shows

So, I did not have cable in my last apartment. This was a choice – and a fairly productive and cost effective one, although I wouldn’t make it again. Instead of paying over $150 for cable and internet, I got the highest speed internet available for half the price and just used my netflix account through my wii and blu ray player. It also made studying easier (I realize that this may sound incredibly backwards to some people, it will be explained) because I could just turn on a particular show and keep running through episodes while doing homework. Now, to explain that a bit – I grew up in a house with a younger and older sister, 2-3 dogs, everyones significant other, most of my family, and all of my friends and my sisters’ friends (or some grouping of the aforementioned list) present 98% of the time. That is a lot of noise – we are southern and Portuguese, we are LOUD. So, I had been classically conditioned to do my work while there was noise around all the time, and in an apartment with just me and my little dog – who rarely barks – there really isn’t much. So I could stream Netflix as long as I needed to.

Anyways, back to the point – I’ve been catching up on all my favorite shows On Demand, and just watching really crappy day time TV, because it’s something I never really have let myself do before. It’s actually pretty great – well, some shows are. I finished all of GoT season 4, Hannibal Season 2, and Fargo. And I’m currently obsessively watching Swamp People, Duck Dynasty, and Kitchen Nightmares (or Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – both are great in my estimation). Along with lots and lots of TLC thrown in. It can be pretty funny.


I think this one is self explanatory – it’s more like an outlet that keeps me focused and gives me one simple task to do all the time. And, ideally, it’ll keep my writing style fresh and appealing. My thesis will desperately need it two years from now, I’m sure hahahaha. It’s also a cool way to connect to others throughout the world! So, hopefully you think so too. 😉


The workout program. My sorority sister and former Phi Committee Advisor is a coach with beach body, and she’s helping me to get motivated and get fit – or at least start to get fit, haha. I’ve just started the second month, but I’ve had several knee and ankle injuries so it’s been very very hard this first week. I’m pushing through it though! I can’t do the accompanying shakeology regimen, because I’m on a strict diet to prevent my anaemia from getting worse, so I am not losing quite as much weight as most people would, but I’m definitely noticing a lot of muscle definition that wasn’t there before, and feeling great!


I love gardening. Watching plants come up from tiny seeds is just so inspiring. Instead of a long explanation, here are some pictures:

Herbs - from the top, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Basil on the right side.

Herbs – from the top, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Basil on the right side.



Tomatoes - Mr. Stripey and Beefsteak

Tomatoes – Mr. Stripey and Beefsteak

Tomatoes - sweet 100s and beefsteak

Tomatoes – sweet 100s and beefsteak

Squash harvest!

Squash harvest!

better picture of our herb plot

better picture of our herb plot


I always love cooking – usually lots of deserts while I was on campus. I’ve been going down my Pinterest cooking pins and just picking random ones to try. Today it was copy cat panera mac and cheese (original recipe here). It was great! I did tweak the recipe a bit – I added a bit more white cheddar, more milk (to make it creamier), and a lot more salt and pepper. I also used penne pasta.

copy cat panera mac and cheese

copy cat panera mac and cheese


The “official” moving process begins next Tuesday! My mom and I are heading down to Tuscaloosa to sign my apartment lease and to explore the area – find the basic stores I’ll need, like Target, groceries, the mall, Sam’s club. Then a few weeks later I’ll be bringing down some stuff before our trip to England, and then heading down permanently (ahhhh) right after we get back from England the first week of August. I have GTA training August 14th and 15th, Grad Orientation August 16th, and then classes August 20th! AHHHHHH!

Welp, that’s basically it for my “lazy” summer. Besides hanging out with my favorite little buddy, Sammy. Speaking of which, he is ready to go to sleep – and so am I, so I’ll leave you all with this under the covers pup pic:

Sammy is ready for bed

Sammy is ready for bed

Good night all! 😀

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