First blog posts are always slightly intimidating, aren’t they? Trying to come up with an amazing first post that will introduce potential followers and readers to everything I want this blog to be as well as making it so well written it will immediately catch their attention and keep them hooked seems a very daunting task. But, I’m willing to try if you are! 

If you haven’t figured it out from the title and tagline, I’m an anthropological archaeologist – basically, I look at archaeology through all four subfields of anthropology to try and capture the human aspects of the artifacts I find. And yes, I’m studying moonshine almost exclusively – at least for now. During my undergrad at William & Mary (go Tribe!), I took several anthro/arch classes focusing on alcohol and alcohol related artifacts, and wrote a paper focusing on the development of illegal moonshining and its uses and a paper on illegal alcohol production in the Caribbean. I start work on my Master’s Degree in August at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and I’m planning to look at how illegal moonshining affected the adoption and implementation of the Indian Removal Act – although that could change, but I will be focusing on something to do with moonshining in the Southern Appalachian Mtns. I’m very excited to be starting grad school – I’m going down next week to sign the lease on my new apartment in Tuscaloosa! 

So, I suppose I am at the point where I explain all the plans I have for this blog, and tell you how awesome I am and how I will implement them. Well, I really don’t have many plans – it’s a way for me to update others on my every day life as an archaeologist, graduate student, and pet owner. I will probably include random DIY projects I do, moving hassles, class work, book reviews, and anything else that pops into my head. Trip summaries and field work analyses will also probably make many appearances. And of course – lots of pictures of projects, my miniature dachshund Sammy, artifacts, apartment decorating, and anything else I get into. I guess those are technically “plans” for this blog, but they’re not really set in stone. It’s mainly a space for updates on day-to-day (or, if things get hectic, week-to-week) updates on my adventures as an archaeologist and moonshine connoisseur. Hopefully, all will go well! I’m sure there will be stumbles along the way, and I’ll try to accurately portray the good and the bad for any of you willing to read it. Cheers!  


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